Our Team

Marcus & Hayley Jones

Marcus is a radio presenter at Premier Radio & when not on the air waves can be found in stadiums & arenas across the country wearing the red of Wales. Hayley is a family support worker who loves board games and drinks a lot of decaf tea!

Mark & Laura Tate

Mark & Laura lead The Grove team. They have two lively boys who love planes, trains and automobiles! Laura loves Disney, sleep & Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Mark runs a footy team called St Pauls Ealing FC & leads a band called Urban Praise Project. 


Zoe is a social worker for kids with severe autism. She recently spent a year in Thailand working in the slums with a Christian organisation and has such compassion for the poor and marginalised. She also loves to travel and has friends all over the world! 

Matt & Tiffany Fontenot

Matt & Tiff have four children. Originally from the States, they moved over here to help plant missional communities and they have joined our The Grove team to do just that! They also have a very cute Cockapoo (dog) called Daisy. Proper cute. 

If you would like to find out more about our team or potentially join us please email mark@gurnellgrove.com